About our ins and outs
We do share what we know.


Jean. At the studio, we like everything that is simple. We always try to go with the easy-to-read typefaces for many reasons. But, I can say that ARIAL is our favorite because it has a lot to do with our brand guideline.

Jean. We try to stay away from the corporate system as much as we can. Antean Studios is a creative space. In order to be more productive we have to use the studio with an artistic feel. We like the space super-clean with as much light and optimism as possible. We try to keep space for big physical projects and little moments of rainbow-color to keep the work-vibe fun.

Jean. We inspire each other. The desire to succeed inspires us as well. Other than that, good conversation about design takes us to a whole other level.

Jean. The chill-out room also known as "The AC Room". It's where we are being more productive because it was specially designed for that.

Jean. Yes and No. Most Jacksonville companies don't have the culture of assigning a whole project to just one design firm. They would break it down and assign it to multiple entities. On top of that, the city is more corporate than creative. If you are looking to just create business cards, logos and build websites; the answer is yes. However, if you want to get very creative and are looking for projects, it can be very challenging.

Jean. Technically, we operate in a way that makes it easy for clients to find us. Chasing clients is never an easy job. We position ourself in a way where it is very easy for clients to know about us.

Jean. Yes. Not all projects are worth putting your hands on. The client's personality is very important. I remember before Antean Studios I had to turn down a project and it happened to be for one of my friends.

Jean. Yes. That was one of our goals. Most design firms would outsource their projects. Us, --we like to get very involved. Since we are a small studio, we are forced to work with partners and other freelancers, but they are all based in Jacksonville. Most of the time they come to our studio and we are still very involved. We always make sure we communicate every little details with the client.

Jean. It is a very good place to be. Nobody has an office. It is an open space, no doors. There is just a tern chain of command. It's a friendly place. It is not bossy at all. We don't want people to feel they at work. It is more creative and productive that way.


Jean. You'd be surprised. We are more into hiring students than established designers. For programming, it's imperative that we hire professionals. Students are more eager to progress and learn. In general, we are for diversity of experiences.

The best teams are made of talents. We always intend to keep the best students after their internships.

Jean. Strange approaches and uniqueness in creativity.

Jean. My entourage always had that problem with me. At a certain time, my focus was never to make money. I design because it matters to me. Until now, my priority isn't the money. My focus is good design. It all depends on your goals because design is a form of art. It always comes with passion before the money. As a student, I would focus more on creating good work.

On the other hand, it is possible. It just comes with consequences. Now, I'm doing both.

Jean. Be different. Just live outside of the box. Live outside of this world. Keep in mind that at the beginning, people might not like your style for any kind of reason. Keep pushing until they don't have no choice but accept it.

Jean. Being eager to create and learn, but know when to stop learning to create and vice versa.


Jean. We host Salon Night because we want to create more interaction between the designers and the community. As the matter fact, we want to create a community for creative entrepreneurs here in Jacksonville.

Jean. Any designer looking to have feedbacks on his/her portfolio. It is a night where we will select three designers to come over with their portfolios so other experienced designers can take a look at them

Jean. Propurbs is a summit currated by Antean Studios for creative entrepreneurs. Go to for more information about it.