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Our Team with Slack

Communication is the number one feature of Slack. One of the main reasons why we use Slack at the office is to communicate with each other. This process is seemingly very convenient. You can communicate privately with other team members or just post something in channels for multiple team members to see at once.

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Antean Studios for the Jacksonville business community

Most businesses are comfortable with the recurring payment scheme where the profits only go one way; but, we are far away from that. The upshots are that sometimes the clients don’t stay in business for too long. Then the said business has to hunt new clients. Here comes Antean Studios. We want our clients to stay in business... Read more +

3 easy ways to find a good creative agency in Jacksonville

If you have ever lived in Jacksonville, you know how challenging it is to find a good creative agency. As everyone is still on the side line freelancing—because there’s not enough jobs in the creative field—people are most likely to be misled... Read more +